Xiaomi launches Mi 5X with MIUI9: Know about price, specifications

Xiaomi launches Mi 5X with MIUI9: Know about price, specifications”

However, the Smart Assistant that MIUI 9 introduces comes with a solution to this - you can simply search for it. Users can search for any setting, any file or any photo and that would be instantly presented to them!

The video shows that the phone was not connected to a charger or any other device as most such explosions are caused by overheating or overcharging. However, Xiaomi had made some notable changes under-the-hood.

It is speculated that MIUI 9 China ROM for all the other Xiaomi / Redmi devices (except Mi 1/1S and Mi 2A) will be released by late September. The split-screen feature that was launched with Android 7.0 Nougat can now be found on MIUI 9 as well.

The Image Search is something very similar to Google's Photos application. Xiaomi claims that you just need two steps for all the vital information you need in your messages. Similarly, you can try the same with "sea", "mountain", "monument", etc. Besides, the MIUI 9 now supports 55 languages. You can search the images by keywords of what is in the picture.

The update also adds a feature by the name of "Smart App launcher" that helps to open apps related to the content. In this article, I am listing most notable changes and additional features of MIUI 9. So even if a user has multiple apps open in the background, the performance of the app in the foreground will not be affected. Smart app launcher can suggest apps based on the things present on the display. This is another interesting and unique feature that comes from Xiaomi, making this OS really intelligent. First off, Xiaomi has been touting faster app load times with accelerated startup.

The latest iteration of MIUI along brings with it a set of new themes. There's also a pill shaped weather widget to the right of the clock on the home screen.

The company said it has provided the customer with a new unit to replace the burnt one.

Xioami has today launched its Mi 5X smartphone in China along with MIUI9. However, it should be noted that this is the China Developer ROM, and as of now there is no surety on the Global ROM roll out.

Redmi Note 4 was launched in January this year and has been one of the most successful devices offered by the Chinese company Xiaomi.

MIUI is the custom version of Android Nougat that runs on Xiaomi smartphones and tablets.

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