Indonesia Condemns Al Aqsa Mosque Closure

Indonesia Condemns Al Aqsa Mosque Closure”

Jews revere the site, where the two Jewish temples stood in biblical times, as the Temple Mount.

Attacks rarely occur so close to the Temple Mount compound, which also houses the Haram a Sharif mosque.

During that period, Israeli forces have killed more than 254 Palestinians, a lot of them said by Israel to be attackers while others were killed in clashes with Israeli forces. "Around the Lion's Gate, police cleared [the] area after disturbances took place".

Azaria's defense lawyer reportedly wanted the soldier released to his parents' home but with a curfew at sunset so that he could go out during the day.

Supporters of the Fatah Party, led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, are furious at the security measures, which they view as Israel imposing its sovereignty on a shared holy site.

In an act created to cause an escalation, the Waqf and Mufti announced that this Friday's prayers would be canceled at all mosques in Jerusalem and that all Muslims should come to the prayers outside the Temple Mount.

The call follows the implementation of metal detectors and turnstiles at the entrance of the al-Aqsa compound after a deadly shootout there on Friday. Three perpetrators of the attack were shot dead by police in the mosque's yard.

A call to prayer rang out from Al-Aqsa, but Muslim worshipers held midday prayers outside the site in protest at the new security measures.

The Wakf ordered Muslims not to comply with the new measures, warning yet again that the al-Aksa Mosque is endangered.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Islamic Jihad group, Hamas, and the Umm al-Fahm Popular Committee, a local community organization, echoed those calls on Thursday.

Zeev Elkin, the Cabinet minister responsible for issues connected with Jerusalem, told the radio station the attack was possible because of Israel's desire to allow freedom of worship to Muslims and others at the site. The two Israeli security guards and the three Arab Israelis died in the attack. Authorities closed the site for both Muslim and non-Muslims worshippers as they searched for more weapons.

Israeli soldiers used conventional bullets, plastic bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesters demanding the removal of the metal detectors at one of Islam's holiest sites. "Police will respond to incidents if necessary".

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