"Dream team" attorney on America's fascination with OJ Simpson

Simpson's parole hearing on Thursday, where the former football star could be granted his freedom after serving nine years for armed robbery, LawNewz Network host Amy Dash spoke with Alan Dershowitz, one of Simpson's "Dream Team" attorneys from his 1994 murder case.

The parole hearing which is being held in will be streamed live on CBS News.

Simpson was sentenced in 2007 after being found guilty of robbing two men in Las Vegas for hundreds of items of sports memorabilia. The Associated Press broke down how he would likely fare, and it's looking good for the former running back and actor. Simpson was convicted on charges including kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. The high-profile court case was dubbed the "trial of the century".

If not, he could remain in prison for the next few years.

Arnelle, Simpson's oldest daughter, gave an emotion defense of the "true character of [her] father" before the board.

O.J. Simpson arrives for his parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Center, in Lovelock, Nevada, July 20.

"I'm down here today to get that final walk through. everything is set".

He was last seen at a parole hearing on the lesser charges four years ago.

"It got nuts. It really got kind of insane", Simpson said.

It is then down to four of seven commissioners to vote in favour of releasing him nine years after the incident. The board and any witness to testify will sit here, in Carson City. But, that's just what they call him here.

The board previously granted Simpson parole in 2013 on his burglary count, two counts of kidnapping, and two counts of robbery.

'A decision is being made at the time of the hearing so that the board's operation can return to normal as soon as possible after the hearing'.

He could potentially leave the state; however, parole restrictions may require him to serve a year of community service in Clark County, Nevada.

When explaining his version of events, OJ said: "I would never pull a weapon on anybody".

During a previous experience before the parole board, Simpson himself said he's been a model prisoner.

"While they respect the legal process, they are feeling both frustration and anticipation over how this will change their lives again should Simpson be released".

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