Trump NAFTA plan 'workable' but pitfalls await

Trump NAFTA plan 'workable' but pitfalls await”

The negotiating objectives published Monday are at least a workable basis for negotiations to begin, Ortiz-Mena said. He called it "one of the worst deals ever", blamed it for destroying American jobs, and vowed to get rid of it.

Seek to eliminate non-tariff barriers to US agricultural exports that limit access to markets for USA goods, such as subsidization, price discrimination, and price undercutting.

Lobbyists said that Lighthizer, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross have been receptive, but the wild card is how Trump ultimately will come down on the talks.

"You know, we negotiated the terms of the NAFTA in the early '90s".

Van Vugt said the USA objectives amount to "an update" of NAFTA, "a bit bigger than a tweak".

Renegotiating NAFTA was a key campaign pledge of President Donald Trump, who said the deal led to the offshoring of US manufacturing jobs. US companies doing business in Canada and Mexico, whether sourcing or marketing goods in those markets, should take note of these latest developments, assess how any modifications made to the NAFTA could impact their cross-border operations, and consider reaching out to members of Congress and other Government decision-makers to ensure that their interests are fully protected.

"For the first time in a generation, we have a chance to fix a trade deal that has hurt Canadian workers and their communities".

The Trudeau government is extending public consultations to find out what Canadians want to see in a new North American Free Trade Agreement. The Trump administration, which prefers bilateral deals over sprawling multicountry trade agreements, has said that a new NAFTA will most likely serve as a template for its pacts with other countries.

The main concern of the United States government, as detailed in a document sent to Congress, is the possible manipulation of the exchange rate by one of the countries that are part of NAFTA.

The negotiating objectives aim to apply the highest standards covering the broadest possible range of goods and services to ensure truly free and fair trade that supports higher-paying jobs and economic growth in the United States. That goal, titled "Trade remedies", adds to the perception that Trump is seeking a protectionist policy, analysts say.

Other measures proposed by the administration to Trump, the abolition of chapter 19 could have an impact extremely important on the trade relations within NAFTA.

The Trump Administration is seeking a renegotiated agreement that will reduce the US trade deficit, along with boosting market access in Canada and Mexico for USA manufacturing, agriculture and services, the USTR explained.

"If the president wants to renegotiate that agreement with our neighbors and partners in Mexico and Canada please leave the ag portion of that discussion out", said Pete McClymont, executive vice president of Nebraska Cattlemen, summarizing the discussion. In June, API submitted comments on NAFTA to U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer highlighting these benefits to the U.S. economy.

"I think one thing that is missing is the link between NAFTA and how it has caused some of the problems that supposedly SB4 is supposed to address", she said.

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