Redskins, Kirk Cousins unable to reach contract extension

Redskins, Kirk Cousins unable to reach contract extension”

Kirk Cousins of the Washington Redskins became the first quarterback to play under the franchise tag for a second consecutive season after failing to sign a long-term deal on Monday.

It will be the second straight season he's been Washington's franchise player. Despite offering a five-year deal with one guaranteed season, Washington was unable to convince Cousins that was the best possible deal for him. But an offer for $53 million guaranteed? So, you know, it's pretty good to be him right now. Kirk Cousins has been the franchise quarterback for at least two years now because, the Redskins chose to use the actual franchise tag on him. twice! If the Rams get through this season and decide Goff isn't their long-term answer, it's perfectly reasonable to expect them to jump into the Cousins bidding.

First off, Cousins is probably doing some math. The only situation in which the Redskins could benefit from failing to sign Cousins now would be if he takes a step backward on the field in 2017 and is forced to lower his asking price. That number jumps quite a bit this year, with Johnson slated to make $16.742 million and Cousins $23.944 million if they don't come to an agreement with their respective teams.

"Either they're having a contract dictated to them on the transition tag, or they're franchising him for 34.8 [million dollars]", Schefter said. Could a third franchise tag come down the road? The Panthers were 6-10 last season, a year after reaching Super Bowl 50, where they lost to Denver. What if he isn't?

Cousins took the high-road throughout his radio interview, consistently noting that most National Football League players play on one-year contracts.

For his career, Cousins has appeared in 46 regular season games with 41 starts, completing 1,025-of-1,556 pass attempts for 12,113 yards with 72 touchdowns and 42 interceptions - all with the Redskins.

Granted, Cousins is betting on himself this season. After the deadline, Allen delivered a statement that mentioned the Redskins offer.

No matter which way you look at it, Cousins comes out on top. Carr, unquestionably, would have gotten more than that as a free agent.

The statement from Allen has triggered a mixed reaction from Redskins fans who are discussing it beside office water coolers and on social media and; given the circumstances, this is understandable. We'll go on record here claiming that this was well-played. "And again, my first choice would be to be with the Redskins long-term". If you're an executive who doesn't want to eventually pay large sums of money for a quarterback, my suggestion is to try another sport.

Really, the cap space is the only thing that helps make any sense for why Minnesota was listed as a potential landing spot for Cousins. The 49ers can essentially go as high as they feel is necessary to get the quarterback they target. Cousins also said owner Dan Snyder has been positive with him throughout the offseason.

There are a couple of different ways to look at the upcoming season. Frankly, to me, that's the most plausible scenario. Or they can trade him to Washington when the Redskins end up moving Cousins somewhere. This is a wild card, but Taylor is, too.

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