Trump, Macron Work to Bridge Differences, But No Promises on Climate

Trump, Macron Work to Bridge Differences, But No Promises on Climateā€¯

Donald Trump's first state visit to France has been marred by comments he was heard making to Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron invited Trump to be the guest of honour at Friday's celebration, which also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the USA entry into World War I.

"My son is wonderful young man", Trump said, according to The Times. And I think it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. Trump and Macron have woven the praises of the officer, and avoided mention of the death in custody, on Thursday, the dissident Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace prize.

Mr Trump arrived in the French capital for a whirlwind, 36-hour visit to meet with Mr Macron and tackle potential solutions to the crisis in Syria and discuss broader counter-terrorism strategies before being feted at Bastille Day celebrations on Friday.

The comments from Trump seemingly remarking on the figure of Brigitte Macron-who is, of course, married to French President Emmanuel Macron-aren't exactly out of character for the US president.

TRUMP: Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord. "I respect the decision of President Trump", Macron said.

Sen. Chuck Grassley says he'd subpoena the president's eldest son if necessary.

Fighter jets "were very heavy projects for our armies and our governments", Macron said, saying that a joint European aircraft would help save money and remove competition between different jets now on the market. "I love attractive rooms and this is one of them", he said by way of opening a speech at the Royal Castle.

"France and the United States are longtime allies [.] united by freedom", said the American president.

Trump and Macron first met at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Brussels in May where they exchanged a muscular handshake which Macron later described as "a moment of truth".

On climate change, Trump indicated he might be open to rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, which the US announced it has withdraw from.

Video footage on the French government's official Facebook page showed Trump, President Macron and their wives chatting after their tour of the museums at Les Invalides.

"We'll see what happens but we'll talk about that over the coming period of time". Both Trump and Macron have a political interest in building rapport.

In an apparent reference to issues regarding Washington's withdrawal from the Paris climate change deal, the president quickly added that "the USA remains committed to being a leader in environmental protection".

Trump was once again asked to comment on the alleged Russian interference in USA politics, while the same reporter wondered whether Macron thought that "President Trump is taking a hard enough line on Russia".

Trump name-dropped Jim again and again on the campaign trail, but his friend didn't receive widespread attention until Trump became president.

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