WWE SummerSlam 2017: 3 Potential Opponents for Roman Reigns

WWE SummerSlam 2017: 3 Potential Opponents for Roman Reigns”

Where will the WWE Great Balls of Fire be held? The only thing is, when the show was over, my thought was, 'well, this doesn't make me wanna see Brock Lesnar vs. The good news is that 1957 was a SPECTACULAR year for wrestler births, as it gave us both Bret Hart and the original Tiger Mask. He interrupted Brock Lesnar and made it clear that he wanted to face him. After he burned bridges in Japan and a failed attempt to join the Minnesota Vikings, Lesnar pursued mixed martial arts, a genre that surged in popularity at the time. From there he entered the UFC. It had the feeling of more than just a standard championship match. In shocking fashion the former WWE Champion defeated Couture and became UFC Champion. In October of 2010, Lesnar lost the championship by TKO in the first round to Cain Velasquez. The rest went with, "Yes, Reigns should have kept his cool after his loss".

What channel will broadcast the WWE Great Balls of Fire live? A couple of German suplexes followed, and as Joe went up into the F5, the air went out of the crowd. He would gain more momentum with wins over CM Punk and the Big Show but would face his biggest challenge at Wrestlemania 30.

Have you ever wondered if you should go to a live WWE event?

In a time when there are a million different WWE PPVs in one year, we're bound to get a show calling itself something as absurd as WWE Great Balls of Fire. I hope this isn't one of those one-sided, four-minute squashes a la Lesnar/Goldberg's WrestleMania match (as effective as that match's storytelling was). Everyone was on their feet during the Samoa Joe/Brock Lesnar match. BIG "ref, you suck!" chants when the ref counted to 3 and it appeared that the Hardy Boyz had tied up the match 3-3, but the pinfall didn't count. It isn't Reigns with his victory of Undertaker, and it isn't Lesnar (he's already one of the all-time greats).

-Does Reigns deserve a Universal Championship Match?

Last night's main event was an absolute slobber-knocker as WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar retained his title. Roman Reigns ambulance match. Uber-talented, it is a shame that WWE did not do more with him.

Lesnar with another trip to Suplex City. Let's take the Lesnar/Joe championship match for example.

For months, Dean Ambrose and The Miz have waged war over the Intercontinental Championship and this war was brought to RAW as part of the Superstar Shake-Up. None of his opponents looked competitive at all.

Strowman is fine, by the way, having lurched out of the ambulance's wreckage and presumably gone home.

WWE Universal Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe has impressed lately, although I'm not sure if he can take down Brock Lesnar. Lesnar was promoted as the "real fighter" in sports entertainment, wearing MMA gloves and shorts into the ring.

Ever since Lesnar was squashed a few times by 50-year-old retiree Goldberg last November, attempts to legitimise the former UFC Champion's dominance of WWE have been wisely avoided - the likes of Joe have been able to get their licks in, so to speak, and I can't help but think it makes for a better show to know that there are viable contenders for his crown.

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