Protesters urge 'no' vote on GOP health care bill, as details emerge

The Los Angeles Times called it the "Senate bill to repeal Obamacare" in their headline, and reported the "intense pressure" the GOP is under to pass the bill, after "seven years" of promising repeal and "winning elections" on said promise.

McConnell released the bill Thursday, drafted after weeks of closed-door meetings searching for middle ground between conservative senators seeking an aggressive repeal of Obama's statute and centrists warning about going too far. He's promised plenty of back-room bargaining as he tries pushing a final package through the Senate next week.

An equally important aspect of the bill is how much it adheres to Obamacare's basic structure. Those at the rally were demanding that something must be done to protect Arizonans from what they see as potentially devastating cuts that could eliminate health care coverage for some of the state's most vulnerable residents.

At the center of the debate over the future of the $3 trillion US health care system, which comprises approximately one-sixth of the economy, is a fundamental ideological divide that is finally facing public scrutiny. It would allow insurers to cover fewer benefits and repeal tax boosts on wealthier people that help finance the statute's expanded coverage.

Cantwell is hoping to organize opposition to the bill.

Rand Paul, who has rejected the plan along with fellow Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson, said fundamental problems remained that would leave taxpayers subsidizing health insurance companies.

The measure calls for reducing money for Medicaid.

In an interview with Fox News Channel, Trump was asked about the four conservatives opposing the bill. He said that the legislation will need "a little negotiation, but it's going to be very good". On Thursday, former US President Barack Obama took to Facebook to write, "This bill will do you harm".

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller on Friday became the fifth person to oppose the bill, saying that he could not support the current draft either.

Republican Sen. The bill would also bar using tax credits to buy coverage that includes abortions.

"It may be a squeaker, but I have a lot of confidence in the ability and the maneuverability of McConnell", Lott said. Trump's team also failed to score major wins in last month's wrap-up spending bill, as lawmakers blocked funding for his border wall, leading the president to lash out on Twitter and ponder vetoing the measure. The score for the House bill projected that 23 million people would lose their insurance, whilst cutting the federal deficit by $119bn over a decade.

ABC News also reported that as the GOP bill was being released Thursday morning there was a "large protest gathered outside McConnell's office, with people in wheelchairs staging a 'die-in, ' and protesters chanting that no changes be made to Medicaid".

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, called the bill signing "a significant step to reform the VA with a renewed objective and ability to serve our veterans". Those additional funds would continue through 2020, then gradually fall and disappear entirely in 2024.

Americans who are 39 years old or younger would generally pay smaller percentages of their income than what they paid under the ACA.

The Montana Health Foundation put lost coverage in Montana at 70,000 or more people, basically by ending Medicaid coverage offered to working people earning 138 percent of the of federal poverty level, or $16,400 a year.

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