White House paints Handel win as Trump triumph

White House paints Handel win as Trump triumph”

Her party shed 63 House seats when she was majority leader in 2010 and lost more than 900 races at the state level.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is getting a great deal of blame from Democrats for this week's special election losses in Georgia and SC, but another former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich said Thursday he hopes she stays right where she is.

After losing the most expensive congressional race in history in Georgia Tuesday, and notching a close-but-no-cigar finish in a lower profile contest in South Carolina, Democrats are getting a lot of advice about what they need to do to have a chance of victory in 2018.

They argued that the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff's loss in the Republican held House seat in the Atlanta suburbs was further evidence that the party needed both a new message and messenger.

For eight years living in the traditionally conservative area, Cox kept her mouth shut about politics until she was certain of her neighbors' leanings.

However, for San Franciscan Pelosi and the Democrats to recapture the House, they would have to not only hold all of their seats next year but also win 24 of those now held by the majority Republicans.

He wrote that the Democratic Party "has a toxic brand, one that is worse than Donald Trump's in many parts of the country".

On Thursday morning at her weekly briefing, Pelosi fielded several questions about calls for her to go.

In over a decade leading House Democrats, into the majority and out again, Pelosi has beaten back all comers, including last fall when Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of OH ran against her. Ryan fell well short but garnered dozens of votes, enough to underscore dissatisfaction with Pelosi and with her aging leadership team that has left promising young Democrats with few places to rise. "It still moves voters", Ryan said. "But, clearly, these ads using her, linking her to our candidates is still working".

Pelosi's defenders say that scapegoating Pelosi would solve nothing; her spokesman, Drew Hamill, said yesterday that "Republicans will continue to run ads trying to demonize whoever is the Democratic leader".

"The House bill will cut $834 billion from Medicaid and will significantly reduce the critical subsidies that nearly 30,000 West Virginians count on".

In a press conference Thursday, Pelosi said she's proud of the unity within her party and the leverage it has given her in various negotiations.

"I don't think there's a Democrat that would vote for any type of a repeal". "When you're as controversial as Pelosi is, you become pretty well-known and universally disliked".

It has not been an easy year for the Democrats. And there are more Democrats in the United States than there are Republicans. But the Pelosi attacks on the House side have been consistent for years.

"I think that she's a tremendous leader of our caucus, with the kind of strategic talent and experience that we really need to succeed in the minority and particularly when we don't control the House or Senate", said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. "Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost".

The Democratic divide is highlighted pretty starkly in the string of responses to Moulton's tweet.

The Republican candidate, Karen Handel, beat the Democrat, Jon Ossoff, by four percentage points: 52-48. It should not be surprising that a Republican wins an election in a southern congressional district.

That takes guts - and it sometimes results in failure at the polls just because Americans don't yet buy into all that socialist stuff and transgender nonsense.

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