Protesters Arrested Following Republican Health Care Bill

Protesters Arrested Following Republican Health Care Bill”

Senate Republicans have intensified the war on Medicaid services that New Yorkers rely on.

The plan gets rid of those mandates. "That in turn will make the risk pool much healthier, which will also lower premiums".

This bill is entirely in the hands of Republicans - for good or ill. Pat Toomey is praising the health care bill written by himself and his fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate, but isn't saying whether he'd vote for it.

The plan keeps some popular parts of Obamacare.

"Since early January, I have received over 10,000 letters, emails and calls from New Mexicans who are pleading with me to help save their ability to see a doctor when they get sick".

Beginning in 2020, the Senate measure would also limit the federal funds states get each year for Medicaid.

Kuster called the healthcare bill cruel and urged Republicans to work across the aisle to fix the Affordable Care Act. Both bills use that money to pay for about $660 billion in tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit people who make over $200,000. It would cut Medicaid overall and impose annual limits on spending.

"Taken together, this is a bad deal for New Hampshire and a bad deal for the American people", she said in a statement.

But by Thursday afternoon, at least four senators from his own party said they can't support the bill as is.

- Senate Republicans are aiming for a final vote next Thursday, before lawmakers leave town for the weeklong July 4th recess.

The groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Hospital Association, are critical of Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Republicans have always welcomed that proposal. NPR's Alison Kodjak begins our coverage. Many Democrats and Republicans did not know what was in the bill that could overhaul one-sixth of the economy. What was helpful to us, that we didn't have Senate leadership playing armchair quarterback with us.

Pye emphasized that an Obamacare repeal bill needs to eliminate health insurance regulations and lower premiums. The House has passed a version that Trump initially celebrated but later reportedly called "mean."

Medicaid is not to be confused with Medicare - a separate federal health insurance program for people aged 65 or over and those with specific disabilities. But it then allows states to ask for waivers to opt out of that requirement.

However, according to NBC News, some key components of Obamacare will remain unchanged, such as protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions, and adults (up to age 26) will be able to maintain their parents' insurance coverage. But, starting in 2025, the Senate would cut all of Medicaid more deeply than the House. "They are not for repealing any ObamaCare taxes, so no, they don't want to work on this", he said.

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