Cosby accuser Andrea Constand thanks jury, asks for privacy

Cosby accuser Andrea Constand thanks jury, asks for privacyā€¯

As deliberations wore on, Cosby thanked his fans and supporters - first in a tweet, then in brief comments as he left the courthouse Friday night.

"He didn't know we were seeds". Three more have defamation or sexual battery suits pending in California.

The testimony is relevant because Cosby is charged with giving pills to Constand, a former Temple University employee, to incapacitate her before their sexual encounter.

Prosecutors might ask the judge to reconsider his ruling that allowed just one of Cosby's 60 other accusers to testify. "Overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney", it said.

Prosecutors found themselves back to square one Saturday after the judge declared a mistrial following more than 52 hours of deliberations over six days. It's expected that both sides will be looking for jurors who are unbiased and, no matter what they know of the case or Cosby, that they'll be able to judge based on the evidence presented in the courtroom. She gave an impassioned statement afterwards that was read on the steps of the courthouse by a family spokesman.

"This is my past and I have no room for yesterday". I felt his hand inside my vagina, moving in and out. I have an awesome life.

Ultimately, she said, "The jury wants information that supports their position". For the last few years, his TV shows, films, and recorded stand-up performances, one-time broadcast staples, have been considered too toxic to touch, and with the mistrial, they are likely to remain so. There will be a retrial.

"As a very special friend once stated, 'Truth can be subdued, but not destroyed, '" she said. "This is not the end". We can now wonder if a lot of those kinds of attitudes were at play in. A judge recently denied Cosby's motion to dismiss the case, and a trial has been scheduled for June 2018.

"Historically people have challenged injustices", said Cosby's wife Camille in a statement read by a spokeswoman.

That's "abundantly clear in the vitriol in Camille's statement".

In his private area, Cosby spoke with her often on the phone, the source claimed. "That might be real justice". "This was about Andrea Constand and inconsistencies in her story".

"DNA doesn't lie, doesn't fade with time, and can't be altered to anything other than what it is". There is not today in my mind at least, as a layman, a case that exists that stands within the statute of limitations that has physical evidence, corroborative evidence, the kind of testimony you would need to convict him. The jury might be working toward an acquittal, the judge said.

"There was no pause or hesitation about that, and we're moving forward", he told reporters.

"I have seen it many times in cases all over the country, and sometimes a second jury will render a different outcome than the first jury".

Prosecutors pledged to pursue a conviction, raising the prospect that the now frail and isolated comedian, once adored by millions as "America's Dad" but his career now in tatters, would be forced to return to court in a matter of months. "W e can never underestimate the blinding power of celebrity", Allred added.

Despite the mistrial declaration, attorneys seeking justice for Constand, who accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her at his home in 2004, have pledged to retry the case until a final verdict is reached.

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