Mistrial in Cosby case

Mistrial in Cosby case”

Fellow former bunny P.J. Masten dismissed the claim by Cosby's spokesman that the mistrial was some sort of legal triumph.

"After 52 hours of deliberation, probably one of the most courageous acts I've ever seen, I'm compelled to grant a mistrial", Judge O'Neill said to the court. He pledged the three counts of aggravated indecent assault would stand and praised Constand's "courage". Defense attorneys have repeatedly asked for O'Neill to declare a mistrial based on the jury's length of deliberations, but the judge has denied their request. Andrea Constand says Cosby gave her pills that made her paralyzed and unable to fight him off as he groped her breast and genitals.

Cosby's legacy in the years to come will somehow have to balance his decades of groundbreaking entertainment achievements, his considerable philanthropic work and his cultivated image of the benevolent moral authority, with the dozens of accusations of reprehensible personal behavior over those same decades - accusations that remain unresolved and may be far from over.

The revelations led newly elected Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele to seek charges.

The criminal complaint was filed in December 2015, just days before Pennsylvania's 12-year statute of limitations was due to expire.

And so that's a failing on us as a society - that we don't have a culture in which a woman or man would come forward and make allegations that would be believed by local law enforcement, that will be believed by families, that will be believed by significant others, that will be believed in a court of law.

But the trial has irrevocably damaged his legacy as a towering figure in United States popular culture, once adored for his seminal role as a lovable father and obstetrician on hit TV series "The Cosby Show".

The jury deadlock left Bill Cosby's accusers dispirited but already looking forward to the 79-year-old comedian's promised retrial. She called the prosecutors heinously and exploitively ambitious.

"I want to get back to the laughter and enjoyment of things that I've written and things that I perform on stage", he told CNN host Michael Smerconish last month on his radio program on the SiriusXM POTUS channel. "If the case is retried, know that I will once again put them to the test". Constand says the star drugged and molested her in 2004 at his home outside of Philadelphia. But her lawyer, Dolores Troiani, said "she's a very spiritual person". "She spent a lot more time trying to forget what happened than trying to remember that night". "Sometimes, a second jury will render a different outcome from the first jury", she said.

Defense attorneys said those were not the actions of a sexual assault victim and suggested she was lying.

"We are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silenced", the statement reads. Yet she said she was not surprised that Constand and other accusers had waited to come forward.

Prosecutors argued that Cosby drugged Constand to incapacitate her so he could assault her.

"The jurors used their power to speak, and Mr. Cosby's power is back", Wyatt said after leaving the courthouse.

It was the only criminal case to arise from allegations from more than 60 women that cast Cosby as a serial predator who gave drugs to women before violating them.

Cosby was in NY the weekend of the party, prosecutors said.

She reported the crime to police in 2005 and filed a civil suit against Cosby after prosecutors declined to press charges.

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