Apple Unveils the HomePod

Despite the company's insistence that HomePod will sound incredible, it all feels like too little too late to take on the growing smart speaker market.

He also mentioned wireless speaker systems such as Sonos that "sound good but are not smart" and "other smart speakers" that "don't sound great".

"What we tried to do is build something that is a breakthrough speaker first", Apple CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg. "Music is deep in our DNA, dating back to iTunes and iPod". One of its selling points is its ability to automatically adjust sound delivery by sensing where it is placed in the house. They can call. I hope there is a day when that happens.

"There's a lot of things you can do with it", he added.

Firstly, Apple isn't ready to dwindle its price. By saying, "Hey Siri, I like this song", HomePod and Apple Music become the musicologist, learning preferences from hundreds of genres and moods, across tens of thousands of playlists, and these music tastes are shared across devices.

Still, the HomePod costs a bit more than numerous traditional speakers with which it wants to compete. Amazon's (AMZN) record-breaking Echo speaker, which it can't make fast enough, and Google's (GOOGL) Home speaker were top dogs in a new category. The number of smart home devices you can control with HomeKit is far fewer than that you can control with Amazon's Echo - but if you want a smart home that works with Siri, HomePod and HomeKit are your only options. If not, many people will be better off combining their Sonos speakers with Amazon's cheap Echo Dot, as both companies are now working on Alexa integration for Sonos.

First there was Amazon's Echo, introduced to the public in 2014.

The two speakers also have other functionalities aside from playing music.

Speaking to USA Today in an interview published on Wednesday, Amazon senior vice president of devices David Limp seemed unmoved by Apple's new smart home speaker HomePod. But their approaches are different.

A key issue for any manufacturer of a voice-activated smart device, Apple states "security and privacy are fundamental" to the design of HomePod, as with other Apple products.

Another disadvantage it has is that music support only comes from Apple Music.

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