Trump restores some Cuba penalties, rejecting 'oppressors'

Trump restores some Cuba penalties, rejecting 'oppressors'”

Despite painting the Obama administration as a group who looked the other way as the Castro regime violated human rights, Trump's "new" policy isn't actually that different from 44's stance on American-Cuban relations. USA airlines and cruise ships will still be allowed to serve the island.

President Donald Trump on Friday demanded that Cuba return a woman convicted of the murder of a New Jersey state trooper as he announced changes to Obama-era policy toward the country. Such self-certified trips will be eliminated under Trump's new policy, but group trips will continue to be permitted. "It's not a slap in the face", he told reporters on Air Force One as Trump flew to Miami.

Trump's declaration in a crowded, sweltering auditorium was a direct rebuke to Obama, for whom the diplomatic opening with Cuba was a central accomplishment of his presidency.

"New restrictions on engagement with Cuban economy only pushes Cuba to China and Russian Federation who will gladly make up the difference", argued former White House official Ben Rhodes, the architect of Obama's Cuba policy. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the policy before the formal announcement, despite the president's regular criticism of the use of anonymous sources.

Overall, however, Trump's action reverses only some of Obama's Cuba policies - and by restricting to the island, the president's move risks cutting off ending a major source of income for Havana's private business sector.

It will still be possible to travel to Cuba under the twelve categories of travel allowed by the Treasury, but Americans must keep receipts and travel documents to facilitate government auditing.

The change in the USA posture toward Cuba under Trump marks the latest policy about-face by the president.

July 2015: The US and Cuba reopen embassies in each other's capitals and restore full diplomatic ties. Also, the "wet foot/dry foot" policy that gave preferential treatment to Cuban migrants and was nixed under the Obama administration will remain scrapped.

The changes won't go into effect until new documents laying out details are issued.

"A year and a half ago, an American president landed in Havana to outstretch his hand to a regime", Rubio said.

"To the Cuban government, I say: Put an end to the abuse of dissidents".

He cancelled the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, announced he would withdraw the USA from the Paris climate accord, and is attempting to repeal and replace Obamacare, his predecessor's signature policy accomplishment. US farmers can continue selling their crops to the Cuban government.

Rubio staunchly opposed Obama's re-engagement with Cuba, and he lauded Trump as he took the stage. And so the people down here in Cuba are just expecting that that torrent of American visitors is going to dry up. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, said it was "definitely not a "better deal" for jobs, our economy or progress on human rights" - a view shared by some Republicans in Washington and the business community.

But facing pressure from US businesses and even some fellow Republicans to avoid turning back the clock completely in relations with communist-ruled Cuba, the president chose to leave intact some of his Democratic predecessor's steps toward normalization.

President Donald Trump says his administration's new policy on Cuba aims to "empower" the citizens of that country. "You went out and you voted".

For the announcement, the White House chose to have Trump speak at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood.

What a refreshing break from the last president.

"Cuba si, Castro no", the crowd chanted after Pence.

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