E3 2017: Cross-console Minecraft and Super Duper Graphics Pack announced

E3 2017: Cross-console Minecraft and Super Duper Graphics Pack announced”

Minecraft: Realms is still supported, duh, and you'll be able to access your private servers from any updated version of Minecraft. Update, June 12 at 11:45 a.m.: Adds details about graphics changes coming to Minecraft in the fall.

Minecraft's original PC game of "Minecraft: Java Edition" will remain separate, though the company will continue to support it. Minecraft will come with cross platform support across iOS, Android, devices as well.

You might wonder why PlayStation isn't on this list, and we have some bad news for Sony gamers. This, however, will not be possible on the console of Sony, as the Japanese giant has refused the implementation of the service, apparently because of certain company policies. Sadly, it looks as though that ball is in Sony's court.

This focus on entrepreneurship can be seen in the Better Together upgrade of the Minecraft Marketplace feature. But constraints of the engine mean full compatibility with the bedrock versions of the game will be impossible.

Both the Xbox One X and the Playstation 4 Pro are marketed as sequels to their respective consoles, both of which were originally released in 2013, rather than successors. Nearly all editions will finally be unified beneath a single version, and assumedly updated at the same time with the same content.

So this Summer, all platforms receiving the Better Together Update will then have a server browser in the Minecraft start menu. However, every other game has been unified not just on Windows 10 or consoles but even the VR version will be synced with other platforms.

Code-named Project Scorpio, the rival of the PlayStation 4 Pro will launch alongside the latest instalments of classic games including Minecraft and Assassin's Creed.

This happens because Sony won't allow for cross platform play whatsoever, despite originally championing it, when it was clear Microsoft would never allow for it. Spencer also made this commitment to the players, saying "we will make sure the biggest third party franchises are there for you to play on". Simultaneously with the release of Windows 10, this operating system was released a special version of the game rewritten in C++.

Microsoft and Mojang hope the new update will help achieve their vision of making the game a true creative platform. It announced that its incredibly popular game Minecraft will be playable online across multiple devices and multiple platforms.

Old-style Minecraft is still alive and well. Conversely, you will also be able to play using any of these platforms. So if you don't like being alone, well, here is your chance to jump in and have some fun. Let us know in the comments.

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