Intel chiefs won't say if Trump asked them to intervene in investigations

Intel chiefs won't say if Trump asked them to intervene in investigations”

Trump reportedly asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and the head of the National Security Agency, Adm. Mike Rogers, to state publicly that there was no collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign. "They have made extensive efforts".

Coats testifies today. Along with the Deputy Attorney General, Acting FBI Director and Head of the National Security Agency. "Her-cyoo-LEE-an", he coached. Coats decided any intervention would be inappropriate, the report said.

But a source said Comey is expected to explain that those were much more nuanced conversations from which Trump concluded that he was not under investigation.

Officials say Trump's advisers have since revived their proposal to appoint Feinberg to a senior position, possibly to review the roles of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other intelligence agencies. Rogers refused to directly answer the question or comment upon his conversations with Trump.

Eric Trump, left, and Donald Trump Jr., executive vice presidents of The Trump Organization, pose for a photograph at an event for Scion Hotels, a division of Trump hotels, Monday, June 5, 2017, in NY.

Such a revelation came moments before fired FBI Director James Comey in a prepared statement claimed that Trump asked him to stop the FBI investigation against former national security advisor Michael Flynn. The situation was so awkward that Comey didn't want to be alone with the president.

The top Democrat on the committee said media reports that Trump tried to intervene in the probes are jarring.

Against this powerful account, Coats, Rosenstein, NSA chief Michael Rogers and acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director Andrew McCabe offered hours of nothing. Coats focused more on if he felt any pressure. It wasn't because the information was classified; there is no serious basis for that.

"I understand your answer - I'm disappointed with that answer", the Democratic lawmaker stated.

When asked by Republican Sen.

"I don't know why people tiptoe around this, say it looks like it or could be", Lieu added.

King insisted both men could have easily answered. Coats told lawmakers he believes it would be "inappropriate" to share those details publicly.

"What you feel isn't relevant, admiral", King shot back. If there is, then let's know about it. Rosenstein would not answer questions Wednesday about Comey's firing.

But he did say that he never felt pressure by anyone in government to do anything illegal or to politicize intelligence.

That wasn't the question. I'm simply asking did that conversation occur?

"I stand by my previous statement, Sir", Rogers replied.

Coats also responded to one question about the reports by saying he would answer questions during a closed hearing.

Sen. Ron Wyden told CNN that he plans to grill Rosenstein about the circumstances around the firing.

Why is this not surprising?

At one point, Burr told Sen.

White House officials had weighed trying to block Comey from testifying on Thursday by arguing that his discussions with the president pertained to national security and that there was an expectation of privacy. The requests underwent every required evaluation, and they produced nothing out of the ordinary, according to four current and former officials who have reviewed the materials.

Coats did not offer any details, but said, "Just because it's in The Washington Post doesn't mean it's declassified".

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