Trump Promises 'Cheaper, Faster and Safer' Air Travel

Trump Promises 'Cheaper, Faster and Safer' Air Travel”

He said the Canadian air traffic operations are fully digitized, compared to National Airport where controllers still use a manual system with cards to line up flights.

"I share President Trump's desire to make travel in America's airspace safer, more efficient and technologically advanced", Estes says.

He argued that moving the system to a private non-profit corporation will help speed up the shift from using land-based radar to using more precise GPS tools. He may also talk more broadly Monday about what he has called "third world airports" in particular, as he launches what the White House is calling the president's "infrastructure week".

"The current system cannot keep up and hasn't been able to keep up for many years", Trump said. A number of the major USA carriers, including American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, have also declared their support for the plan.

The White House formally endorsed the plan on Monday. Mr Trump's budget proposal said the change would take effect in 2021 and estimated the reform would increase the budget deficit by about $45bn (£35bn) over 10 years.

"We are concerned that those left behind under ATC privatisation would be the citizens, companies and communities that rely on general aviation for all manner of services", says NBAA chief executive Ed Bolen in the statement.

"That air traffic can be managed from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, for instance, because of the technology with cameras, sensors and things like that", he said.

The President railed against previous efforts by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to upgrade air traffic control and offered few other details about his promised $1tn infrastructure programme, The Guardian reports. The new entity would be governed by a board of directors, including representatives for airlines, unions, airports and others. "Then those members, along with the board's CEO, would select four independent members".

The FAA would maintain safety oversight of the system, but 30,000 of its employees would be off the federal payroll while reportedly retaining their retirements. "So that kind of safety record would have to be maintained". In the speech, Trump called for the removal of air traffic control operations from the FAA and placing it under a nonprofit entity to be funded by user fees. Any updates to America's air traffic control system must ensure the safety of American air passengers and protect the needs of general aviation.

It's a classic Republican strategy to break the government and then advocate for cutting or privatizing said government because it's broken, so no surprises there. "In addition, we do have the safest system in the world, and the FAA has been on a vigorous modernization program for the last several years". "We hope these reforms will be bipartisan".

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