Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland become election key

Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland become election key”

Opposition party leaders were also quick to call for her resignation, including the Liberal Demo- crats' Tim Farron, who said: "We will now have a government that is weaker and less stable at a time when we are about to embark on the most hard and complex negotiations in our history".

"What the country needs now is certainty", she said.

"We need a government that can act", EU Budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger told German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk.

It is understood that the DUP has committed to supporting the Conservative Party in principle.

Meanwhile, Labour, which had been written off by critics as all but unelectable, surged to 261 seats, up 29 from its tally in the 2015 election.

Theresa May therefore remains Prime Minister despite criticism about the Conservative Party's campaign. "That's what people voted for last June, that's what we will deliver, now let's get to work".

She is expected to announce ministerial appointments later on Friday.

"It has made the possibility of successful talks more remote", said Naomi Long, leader of the non-sectarian Alliance Party.

NPR said it will be just the second coalition government formed in the United Kingdom since World War II.

May had stated on at least seven occasions that she would not call an early election, but with the right-wing media on her side, May believed that she could wipe Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party off the face of the United Kingdom's political map.

DUP leader Arlene Foster confirmed that she had spoken to May and would be talking with the Conservatives about "how it may it be possible to bring stability to our nation at this time of great challenge".

With Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Brexit Secretary David Davis, and Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon all retaining their posts, there was speculation any reshuffle could be limited to replacing the eight ministers who lost their seats in the election.

Oettinger's boss, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, said his Brexit negotiating team under Michel Barnier was ready: "The clock is ticking", Juncker said.

"It is no surprise that the DUP have sided with the Tories.They have achieved little propping up Tory governments in the past and put their own interests before those of the people".

The DUP leader has faced constant calls to resign over the scandal, and her refusal to do so led to the collapse of the Northern Ireland assembly.

A hung Parliament - in which no single party has a majority - does not necessarily mean that a coalition would have to be formed.

Corbyn would be unlikely to win backing for a minority government, but was clearly revelling in a storming performance.

In practice the bar is slightly lower than 326 MPs, as Irish Republicans Sinn Fein do not take up their seats in Parliament.

Being forced into major concessions by the Tories, the Liberal Democrats lost much support among many of their core voters and never quite recovered.

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson said his party was in a "fantastic position to deliver for Northern Ireland".

Mr Farron said Britain now had a government that was "weaker and less stable at a time when we are about to embark on the most hard and most complex negotiations in our history".

EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, tweeted early Friday that negotiations should start "when the United Kingdom is ready".

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