Apple HomePod VS Amazon Echo: Which One Should You Buy

Apple HomePod VS Amazon Echo: Which One Should You Buy”

As a home assistant, HomePod is a great way to send messages, get updates on news, sports and weather, or control smart home devices by simply asking Siri to turn on the lights, close the shades or activate a scene.

However, the company is far from the first to bring this tech to the market, with Amazon's Echo and Google's Home speakers also available.

We heard rumors that Apple would be launching a new Siri Speaker, the device is now official and it is called the HomePod. For now, however, the company appears to be more interested in offering a premium audio experience than it does putting Siri in as many homes as possible.

Meanwhile, Amazon's product page lists a 2.5-inch woofer and one 2-inch tweeter. Of the three, the HomePod has the largest circumference.

Aimed at high-end design professionals rather than the home market, the iMac Pro is to begin shipping in December with a starting price of $4,999.

Amazon sells Echo devices for $179, and smaller "Dot" versions for $50. "That's what they did with the iPad and the iPhone and it's no different here with this speaker, they are about two years late but what they are doing is being really distinct around the music piece of it", he said.

Privacy has been a concern with home devices, as the mics are constantly listening in to user conversations while waiting for the command words, such as "OK Google".

The Cupertino-based company's product comes with a six-microphone array capable of advanced echo cancelation. Synced directly with Siri and Apple Music, the powerful speaker will play whatever it is told to play.

Siri can recognize the song genre a user prefers and can recommend similar tracks to the HomePod user in the future. There is also an easy setup of simply holding an iPhone next to HomePod, and it's ready to start playing music in seconds. For instance, if a user asks "Hey Siri, who's the guitarist in this?" the AI will search the desired information and relay it to the user. And the company is attempting to do the same with the HomePod.

Well, if you think this is the first time Apple has launched the speaker, you couldn't be more wrong.

Citing "former executives, close observers, and even devoted customers", the report suggests Apple has fallen behind other voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant due to a continued lack of innovation.

HomePod costs significantly more than Amazon Echo. Apple's deep community of developers helps it compete against Google and Amazon. Since HomePod will not hit the market until December, it is unlikely to catch much of the year-end holiday shopping wave and post big sales this year, according to Blau.

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