Apple revamps IPhone software, adds augmented reality features

Apple revamps IPhone software, adds augmented reality features”

Apple barely scratched the surface of iOS 11 during its WWDC keynote, focusing only on some of the major software features coming to iPhone and iPad this fall. You can drag certain apps to hover over other apps, put them in split screen, and even drag and drop text, links, photos, and files.

With iOS 11, users simply go to the Privacy tab in the Settings app and click on "Location Services" to manage how often location access will be allowed for location centric apps like Uber. Apple's navigation app is also getting an upgrade and will now be able to display floorplan-level maps within malls and airports for detailed navigation assistance. Apple also announced a new macOS dubbed "High Sierra" that should please Mac users on both the professional and consumer side.

Because the feature is still in beta, Snapchat could develop and update that would either stop the recording, as the camera app does, or another way of notifying users when their Snap was captured. There will be a separate Games and Apps section and all the new changes have been made to make the apps more discoverable.

If you are now using the iOS 11 beta, you can find the Offload Unused Apps feature by opening the Settings app, and tapping on General.

Redesigned control center: Apple has done a complete redesign of the iOS control center with iOS 11. With Apple now throwing its hat into the professional tablet ring, we have to wonder if Google should also jump in with its own pro-centric Android tablet. Many companies include the odd-looking scrambled squares on their product packaging, and when you scan one using your device, they perform some sort of action, such as bringing up a website or sharing contact information. The control is now hosted on one screen instead of two. The AI assistant will also be able to do stuff for you proactively like suggesting you add a calendar event after you buy a Davido ticket on Safari. It will show a blank screen and not allow messages or calls to come through. So let's dive in to see some more details on the subject.

"Apple has been warning of this migration to its 64-bit hardware for a number of years, but this news will still undoubtedly blindside a number of its customers, " Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at told the BBC.

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