WWDC 2017: Apple launches iOS 11, updates to watchOS

Apple's WWDC 2017 has concluded, and the tech giant, as usual, has announced a plethora of new stuff ranging from upgrades to operating systems to new hardware.

With its new iOS 11 operating system for the iPhone, Apple has introduced a system for discouraging people from sending messages while driving.

Apple first introduced 64-bit processors with iPhone 5s and iPad Air in 2013.

Members of the media photograph a prototype Apple HomePod during the annual Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, US June 5, 2017. It looks like Apple recycled a horde of Mac Pro cases lying around Cupertino and covered them in mesh to create this speaker. That company offers a similar wireless multi-speaker system for listening to music throughout the home, similar to HomePod's ability to chain together multiple speakers. Although the format is not exclusive to Apple, it's not yet clear how well the photos will work with non-Apple software and devices, which mostly use JPEG.

Called as "the most powerful Mac ever, the new product will be available from December starting at $4,999".

Siri can do those things, too, but Apple's pitch for Siri-powered HomePod is instead focused heavily on music - the company appears to bank on consumers paying for smart speakers that deliver high-quality audio sound as a sort of gateway into the world of smart home assistants.

Maps also received a couple of updates, including indoor maps for places such as malls - an institution that is dying, but hey at least it's a start.

Amazon is coming to Apple TV: It's a been a long road for Apple TV customers who like to watch Amazon Video - a feud between the two companies has kept Amazon's library off of the Apple set-top box. You can also ask the speaker various questions including what's the weather, etc.

Not only has Apple done years of groundwork to make sure these tools will work on tens of millions of devices, but its users are happy to cough up cash to engage in these experiences.

Core Bluetooth - Last, but certainly not uninteresting, was Apple's announcement that watchOS 4 would support Core Bluetooth. It includes new features for watchfaces, such as complications updating based on time of day or location and a new Siri-based watchface.

Other new watchfaces include a kaleidoscope and new characters such as Woody, Jesse, and Buzz from the Toy Story movie franchise. It is also compatible with Apple's HomeKit, allowing users to control connected home devices with speech. Apple watch enabled gym equipments will be rolling out soon.

Apple has finally entered what many believe to be the next big wave of computing: augmented reality.

An updated Music app on the Apple Watch will sync over from the iPhone your tktktktk most-listened music.

All new MacBook Pros will now come with the latest Kaby Lake processors along with faster SSDs. It's a significant update that brings new watch faces, including a Siri watch face and Disney watch faces, an improved Music app, a new dock, new fitness features, and more.

The newly updated MacBook laptops are now available.

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