Steve Kerr Will Coach Warriors In Game Two

The Oracle Arena, Oakland, Calif.

Thompsons defensive prowess was evident in Golden States 113-91 victory in Game 1 on Thursday night when Cavaliers players shot 1 for 12 when Thompson was the primary defender, according to ESPN. "Trash. Got to be better, I watched the film [to] see what I could do". They also set the record for the most consecutive playoff wins. "Implore them to win it for me because it's not important for them to win it for themselves".

It's going to take another rally for that to happen again. "You can talk, like, 15-0 or whatever he did, but the team was just falling apart at the seams, and so I just had to get back to make sure we righted the ship". "They can shoot the ball from the perimeter, they can get into the paint".

It was an interesting turn of phrase by Thompson.

Talk of the Warriors' possibilities only heightened in ESPN's circle of influence (which is shrinking along with its job force but still sizable) after the Warriors blasted the Cleveland Cavaliers Thursday night, storming to a 113-91 victory in Game 1 of the Finals with almost total dominance of the paint, the arc and all the real estate in between.

"Dirtying up the game?" I know the Cavs lost, but man this was fierce! It's not like the team can act like Draymond Green doesn't kick people in the nuts. "They have different guys that they're helping off of, and we just have to be aware of that and be willing to make those passes to our shooters". Some people don't like physicality, and that's what it is. Players appreciate him, the staff does, I certainly do.

Steve Kerr got a front-row seat again for the show, delighted to be back on the bench witnessing those signature moments he has seen so many times before. But though Game 2 didn't deliver a buzzer-beating finish, it did live up to the hype of three likely future Hall of Famers competing for a championship.

Warriors guard Klay Thompson is on a media blackout as well, noting fame is nice but, "It means nothing if you come out here and lay an egg". I'm a guy that plays hard, is physical and brings all energy. Join the King James Gospel team! "I couldn't really care less", James said. "I had two charges, that's aggression". I thought for the most part with the game plan that we had we tried to execute it as close as possible.

And if Golden State can sweep the great LeBron James and the defending champions, we have to have a larger discussion after we proclaim that they capped the best postseason run in National Basketball Association history.

All told, James had eight turnovers in Cleveland's Game 1 loss.

"They won two games", Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said, "now we've got to go home and regroup". "[I] don't feel wrong for what I did at all".

"I just think the numbers are totally deceiving", Kerr quipped. Nothing touched the fiery flame that was never put out in Game 1. "I just try to stay locked in.... trying to do my best to be there for my teammates and to play up to my standards as an individual as well", he said.

Durant moved from plus-170 (risking $1 to win $1.70) before game 1 to minus-120 (risking $1.20 to win $1) afterwards to win the Finals MVP award.

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