How to watch Game 2 of Cavs-Warriors

Game 1 was the feel-out for us, and they definitely took advantage of all our miscues. The Warriors' newest star crushed his over/under totals in game 1 with 38 points - the total was 28.5 - and eight rebounds - oddsmakers set his total points and rebounds at 35.5. Durant caught a pass from shooting guard Klay Thompson and despite being hassled by Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson, the 6-foot-11 stretch forward rose above the pressure and knocked down his first triple of the game.

As Game 2 of the NBA Finals approaches, there's a dark cloud hanging over the series already.

Thompson still puts fear in opponents, who still believe he could break out of this slump any time. That never ended up happening as the Warriors just turned the jets back on and shot their lead back up to 20, but that spurt was the best offense Cleveland played all night. Those are like pick sixes.

"That's like throwing the ball to (NFL hall of famer) Deion Sanders". The Warriors time and again unleashed a dizzying display of unselfish ball movement with precision passing that led to 31 assists, more than double what the Cavaliers managed. There's a fine line. "We've got to play in transition". I just tried to make sure all that stuff was right before we got to the playoffs.

He wasn't particularly impactful on either end in Game 1 finishing with zero points, four rebounds and a minus-13. They read the papers - or at least Twitter - and are as susceptible as the rest of us to letting their reach exceed their grasp. Not surprisingly, that sloppiness contributed to what was easily Cleveland's worst offensive showing of the postseason. Kerr coined the term "plays of insanity" for how often the Warriors committed needless turnovers early in the 2014-15 season. But until then, we'll just have to settle for the rubber match of the century, and perhaps the greatest championship series in the history of sports. Richard Jefferson was even more emphatic.

"Yes", Brown said with a smile, when asked if that was weird to think about. In 2012, when Durant faced off against James' Miami Heat - a MUCH better defensive team- he casually dropped 30 points per game over the course of the five-game series.

But the Cavaliers still have James on their side.

If the Cavaliers truly believe that if they execute they will win, than they should walk into Game 2 with a lot of confidence. Kyle Korver was 0-for-3 in 20 minutes and Deron Williams was 0-for-4 in 19 minutes.

Or else a lot more dunks are coming. They're going to try to get their 3-point shooters going and rebound the ball.

For his career, he's shooting 45.3 percent from the field and 41.9 percent from three-point range. That number has dipped to 39.3% in the postseason, but he still served as an X-factor in wins over the Pacers and Raptors. "So we have to do a better job of being on bodies, being physical and bringing the contact to the game". "I think at certain points we did that, but we have to do that throughout". One right before the halftime he had one at the top of the key, wasn't able to connect. We're going to seek him out, get him the ball, and guys got to defend him. We have playmakers all over the floor.

The Cavs had the enforcer they needed just three months ago in Andrew Bogut.

Much was made of how it would be incorporating another alpha-male into the Warriors locker room.

"It gives us a lot of confidence", Kevin Love said. And the player who nearly felt absent was Tristan Thompson. "Trash", he said. "Trash". "So I just try to focus on defense".

"It's more or less a heart thing, a prideful thing", Irving said.

It will be a completely different game if these teams can shoot the three as well as they could and if they happen to find some spark off the bench to fuel their offensive firepower. I mean that's - we're real tough to beat when he's doing that. Get ready for the game.

The main trade-off to cutting Thompson's role is removing one of Cleveland's most reliable and versatile defensive pieces, further exposing the Cavaliers to Durant's drives, around-the-basket opportunities for Curry and JaVale McGee lobs. James played well offensively, but struggled defensively, especially against Durant as did his team.

"It's not a big deal at all".

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