May's lead cut to just one point over Labour - Survation poll

However according to another poll, the prime minister appears set to fall short of a majority.

These are the people who prefer to listen to empty political flim flam that's easy to rote learn without even thinking about it, and hate actual policy talk because it requires a bit of cognitive effort.

"It is clear that on contact with the voters, Mrs May is not going down well and she is losing ground in particular amongst middle aged voters and female voters", Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos MORI, told Reuters. But Theresa May should have learnt from the past that opinion polls could be as unreliable as voters are fickle.

For Jeremy Corbyn, the divisive and at time embattled leftist leader of Britain's main opposition party, things looked grim. That would give her more room and flexibility to handle her own backbenchers and deal with the EU.

Labour, under radical left-winger Jeremy Corbyn, says Britain should keep the benefits of being in the single market.

This is a remarkable change in fortunes for Labour, which was 24 points behind the ruling party when the snap general election was called in April by Prime Minister May.

"In order to meet the target, they reduced or tried to curb visas for overseas students - but they are not immigrants because they don't stay here, they go back, but it fits within the numbers, so they have to be cut". Election are due on Thursday. "There isn't a magic money tree we can shake", she said. She does not have an impressive and charismatic public presence.

"People are saying Jeremy is a strong leader, and he is - he's got integrity and he's got principles and that is certainly coming across", she said. It picked Mr Corbyn, a rank outsider who just scraped enough nominations to make it into the contest, to lead the party in a new direction. This would be her first major test with national voters.

May retains a commanding lead over Corbyn as to who would make the best prime minister.

"Theresa May is using this election for Brexit, but actually on the doorstep, people aren't mentioning that", she said, handing out leaflets outside a shopping arcade, numerous buildings locked up.

He added that May had made been wrong to call the election and had compounded the mistake with her u-turn on having a cap on adult social care.

Labour MP Wes Streeting - a frequent critic of Mr Corbyn's leadership - has also criticised the party's record on the issue.

The Tories consistent double-digit lead in the polls has gone down exponentially ever since Theresa May botched the rollout of her party's manifesto. Meanwhile elderly females don't even exist at all (maybe they were all at home doing the housework while their husbands were busy venting incoherent fury on the tellybox?). While fewer than 0.5%, or 263,000, of Britons described themselves as Jewish at the last census, a majority of them live in just 10 parliamentary constituencies, including some of the most tightly contested in the country.

The accusation that Labour has no plan to negotiate Brexit is fair. Or at least one of them.

"Given the chance present a united front from our global partners, she has instead opted for silence and once again subservience to Donald Trump", he said in a speech on industrial policy. But politicians are, after all, politicians not for nothing. In the event the election results in a defeat for the Conservatives and a Labour-led coalition comes to power then Sri Lanka will have to recalibrate its bilateral relations with the UK. The Lib Dems reaffirmed their view that Theresa May will not be able to negotiate a better outcome for the United Kingdom than European Union membership, and that the referendum will need to be reversed. Corbyn, on the other hand, has grown in her estimation.

We should have known better.

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