The Warriors and Cavaliers get ready for Game 1 of The Finals

The Warriors and Cavaliers get ready for Game 1 of The Finals”

NO WORRY FROM CURRY: After a knee injury in the playoffs and a quick turnaround following the conference finals, Curry wasn't in top shape last June.

First of all, this is faulty because the Warriors haven't been dominating for that long, historically. Tyronn Lue, the head coach for the Cavaliers, could make history by being the first coach to win two championships in his first two seasons as head coach.

Even with those two players misfiring from deep in last year's playoffs, the Cavs ended up outscoring the Warriors by only four points.

LeBron James wanted to be with his family, to hug his wife and three kids back in Ohio. He has looked healthy for most of the playoffs, but previous year, the lingering effects of a leg injury hampered Curry, and Cleveland won. Golden State will try to keep him in check with Draymond Green, one of the league's best and most versatile defenders. They have the pieces to be a great team.

It is interesting that so many are doubting the Cavaliers, as they did in last year's Finals. And here we are, for the third consecutive year, with a Warriors-Cavaliers Finals.

The Golden State center sported a "SHAQ" hat.

That would be the same LeBron James who is participating in his seventh straight finals - four with the Miami Heat and three straight with the Cavaliers. Good luck. The Cavs could put Tristan Thompson, a quicker, more capable defender, on Durant and put Love on Zaza Pachulia, but the Warriors wouldn't hesitate to let Durant attack Thompson one-on-one or attack the basket if Love is the primary rim defender. But it definitely starts with the talent first but then it also comes in with the basketball I.Q. and the movement and those guys having a high motor. It would have been a heartwarming tale and the Warriors would likely go home as lovable losers.

The future of the Warriors after this season is anybody's guess. The symptoms of which, in my opinion, peaked during the February 27, 2016 game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Speaking of Game 4, that was when Golden State practically handed Cleveland the championship, courtesy of Draymond's fists. There have also been times when they've squandered HUGE leads, played down to the level of their competition, and looked disinterested and bored.

"I'm just trying to be the best me I can be. Even though I wasn't here the last couple years, talking and hearing the stories and watching the film kind of transfers me and I feel like I've been part of this team".

The best defensive weapon against the Warriors has always been to pick your poison and hope for the best.

But how much do you think about English now? Green still gets suspended, injuries still occur.

When the second-half opened, the Cavs couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, failing to score until the 7:52 mark, when James nailed a three-pointer that snapped a 13-0 Warriors run. He didn't douse all manner of competitive fire from other teams only to still lose in the end. Well, reasonable people, I should add.

In 2016 the Warriors headed to the playoffs with the best record in National Basketball Association history 73-9, surpassing the Chicago Bulls 72-10 record. "He's competitive and he wants to win, so you can bet that he's not happy about a year ago and he's going to go after this one". If the defending champs apply pressure in all the right ways once again, they have a real shot. "It's been working up to this point, so I can't change what I'm doing".

"It's respectful to acknowledge the person that you're playing, but I'm not taking you out to dinner", Cooper said, thinking back on those days.

Curry and Durant aren't scoring as much as they used to, but playing among so many All-Stars has allowed them to be incredibly efficient. "I don't think it's sunk in all the way yet, but it's really special".

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