Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman's power in costume

Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman's power in costume”

More power to the ladies, I say.

"I am sending my love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens", Gadot wrote. "I want my film to be celebrated", she said.

I cried. I'm not going to try to hide that.

"At first, I questioned it because it wasn't her actual origin story, but very quickly I saw the genius behind it". So, it's a more inclusive nature, which is what this film is about.

But the decision took cinemas by surprise. So, without spoiling anything, here are some reasons why.

It's easy to imagine that almost anyone who considers themselves a superhero fan is itching to see the first female-led hero film, regardless of their affiliation with Marvel or DC. That's a given, I guess.

While "Wonder Woman" is a primarily serious film, it does pack quite a bit of humor into its screenplay too. She wasn't dark at all. "Wonder Woman will be a monster hit this weekend". In a way, it's a child's state of mind when they first learn about suffering. "We're here to try to carry forth something so attractive that she really brought into the world and we just want it to go into the future".

Third, she wasn't shot to be sexy.

Before Diana, and the movie, get to that, though, we learn about the mythical history of the Amazons and her idyllic youth on Themyscira, the secret island of women warriors.

In the film, Wonder Woman's red and gold bodice doubles as a suit of armor in fight scenes in which she darts and dodges bullets, knives and thunder bolts. Diana's naïveté to the ways of the outside world are wonderfully crafted, showing her not as some sort of unknowing buffoon rumbling around, but the sort of idealistic hero that we all wish we could be, but feel as if the world has stopped us from being. And yet, she looks wonderful. These smaller, character intense moments also help to elevate the later generic superhero action taking place toward the climax.

Even then, though, nothing-absolutely nothing-can take away from the splendor of a big screen Wonder Woman stepping out on the battlefield, lasso at her belt, shield in one hand, sword in the other, and holding her own against a torrent of machine gun fire. The two have some amusing moments early on - understand that she's never seen a man - such as when she asks him if he's representative of his gender.

"The original spirit of that has always stuck with me". Describing it as such feels like a disservice, partly because of the quality of those films (they're not great) and partly because Wonder Woman is a legitimate cinematic milestone, the first superhero film in the decade-old cinematic universe era that both stars and is directed by women, about one of the most iconic women in all of superhero comics. While she's more into science than movies, we had a really good conversation on the way home about how so many women in movies are just window dressing or not really important to plots and how it felt empowering to her for the lead role to finally be a powerful woman.

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