Kerr not well yet, but hasn't ruled himself out for Game 1

Kerr not well yet, but hasn't ruled himself out for Game 1”

"There's not much more you could ask for". Well, it's the rematch of a rematch.

Whether he coaches or not, Kerr said he plans on flying to Cleveland with Golden State for Games 3 and 4.

Jordan, of course, was 6-0 in the NBA Finals and it's not much of a reach to think he would have been 8-0 had he not abruptly quit to play baseball following the 1993 season. He was hired to manage young players and develop a team that was near the bottom of the Eastern Conference, not deal with LeBron James and championship expectations. Coming into this Finals, we're a lot more focused. It's a toss-up if the Warriors (118.3 PPG, 115.8 efficiency) or the Cavaliers (116.8 PPG, 120.7 efficiency) are better on offence, but Golden State (99.1 points against per 100 possessions) is by far the superior defensive unit.

The Spurs were the best defensive team in the National Basketball Association this season and the Warriors treated them like orange cones scattered on the practice court for mid-summer shooting drills.

The collision between the NBA's two powerhouses was inevitable. The previous year a younger Miami team came close, carving out a 2-1 series lead before collapsing, as it was those old fogies in Dallas who came away with the title - another veteran team winning the whole thing. James is 14-4 against Durant when the two have faced off over the years. Lose here, win a game here, cool. The NBA Finals follow the league's regular season.

All matches will be shown live on Sony SIX & and Ten 1. With the Warriors having plenty of practice time thanks to sweeping the Spurs, it's a daily ritual to see, when reporters are allowed into the gym, Thompson going through a lengthy routine with assistant coach Chris DeMarco, dripping with sweat as he fires up one shot after another. In the meantime, disparaging meme-makers on Twitter are already preparing to skewer Durant - and Steph Curry for that matter - should the Warriors fall short. When a game, or this series, is on the line this year, we'll find out if the Warriors truly have that chemistry. That's when he told David Aldridge of, "If Cleveland comes out of the East, I want to destroy Cleveland ..."

Everyone was on the same page during the regular season when the Cavaliers took extreme care not to overexert themselves.

The turnover proved to be costly for Curry and the Warriors. He averages 28.6 in the playoffs, not to mention a field goal percentage of 50.2.

At 32 years of age, the best player of his generation is playing the best basketball of his life. If it weren't for health and suspension previous year they probably would have beaten the Cavs in two straight finals and since then they added KEVIN DURANT.

How did the finalists get here? A 73-win team added Kevin Durant, has gone 12-0 in the postseason, had better bench play and scores in more varieties than past teams.

From the moment he returned home from Boston following the Cavs' win in Game 5 of the conference finals, Lue has immersed himself in the Warriors, a virtual All-Star team featuring two league MVPs (Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry), a dead-eye shooter (Klay Thompson) and a triple-threat performer (Draymond Green).

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