The Wannacry Cyber Attack Puts NSA Hacking Back Into Focus

The Wannacry Cyber Attack Puts NSA Hacking Back Into Focus”

The Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT), under the Ministry of Information and Communications, has issued warnings as well as offered protection measures to all users to guard against the ransomware and its variations, which target Microsoft Windows - an operating system that is widely used in Vietnam, especially the outdated Windows XP. What has happened highlights just how critical it is to keep systems updated.

Over the weekend, hospitals in the United Kingdom were forced to turn away some patients as a result of a computer virus that had infected its systems. "Most have heterogeneous IT environments with critical applications; they can not roll out a patch until they have tested it to make sure that there are no unforeseen side effects". That dump included a vulnerability codenamed EternalBlue, which preys on a flaw in Microsoft Word to transmit malicious software from one Windows Computer to another.

The state-run People's Daily compared the cyber attack to the terrorist hacking depicted in the USA film "Die Hard 4", warning that China's role in global trade and internet connectivity opened it to increased risks from overseas.

Wu Yunkun, president of 360 Business Security Group, told to curb the virus's spread, the company had provided eight versions of warning notices, seven fix guides and six fix tools to their government and enterprises customers as of Monday morning. For example, it won't work if the affected computer has been rebooted after the attack. "But this is so far the only workable solution to help enterprises to recover their files if they have been infected and have no back-ups" which allow users to restore data without paying black-mailers. Those who have not installed the new patch introduced by Microsoft are badly affected. The NSA stockpiles ways to hack computers in case they need to hack someone's computers real quick (without a warrant?). Should tech companies be made to continue to support legacy software if it can be proven that people are still using them? Humans, like you and me, are notoriously fallible and are the ones who build and program operating systems like Windows. A Bank of Baroda official, however, said the machines were less susceptible as they work on a closed network. Nissan Motor Manufacturing Tyne and Wear, England, halted production after the ransomware infected some of their systems. Immediately disconnect your computer from the office/ home network. India's digital security office cautioned Internet clients against the worm that secures documents of a tainted PC and requests that the client pays a payment of $300 in Bitcoin virtual cash to open the operating system. Security wonks are calling it the biggest cyberattack ever.

Meanwhile, a report by IANS has also said that hundreds of ATMs across the city are being shut down, following the virus scare, leading to a serious cash crunch in the IT capital of the country.

For the most part, civil liberties groups are siding with Microsoft.

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