Medicaid expansion linked to better care access, better health

Medicaid expansion linked to better care access, better health”

President Trump gave a eulogy on Thursday for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Politico reported that "many senior administration officials, including Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, are leery of ending the payments, however, because it could immediately unravel the Obamacare insurance markets and strongly discourage insurers from participating next year". The laughter from Speaker Ryan and President Trump was disgusting to say the least.

And we'll be back to an insurance world where we are comparing apples to oranges in the fine print, since the states can allow insurers to offer policies that don't cover essential health benefits that were required to be covered under Obamacare.

That left some Obamacare customers scratching their heads - figuratively - on Twitter.

"The premiums were substantially higher" than health insurance for the healthy, said Herron, former chairman of the Oklahoma Health Insurance High Risk Pool.

We discuss the impact of these changes on Arizona with Derksen, who said it will be "devastating" to Arizona, and speak to other health experts about the future of coverage in the state. The U.S. spent about $3.2 trillion on health care in 2015, or almost $10,000 per person.

Becerra credited Obamacare with reducing the uninsured in the state from 17 percent in 2013 to 7 percent in 2016, a historic low. As I've said time and again, I'm committed to work for common sense solutions to improve health care for all Iowans - not just some. If the proposed legislation is approved by the Senate in its current form, starting in 2020 OH could allow insurance policies with a wider range of health benefits.

If having zero health care access options isn't bad enough, under the ACA law, Iowans who live in those 94 counties that will in effect be health care access deserts would still be subject to the law's individual mandate income tax penalties.

Iowans have been making emotional appeals to Congress to keep the Affordable Care Act since Republicans - who had vowed for seven years to repeal the law - were sworn in for the 2017 term. The expansion of Medicaid did add coverage for about 5 million adults nationwide, but that coverage - already inadequate - is in jeopardy under the House-passed bill.

That's not to say the Obamacare marketplaces aren't struggling.

Trump is using the payments as "political bargaining chips", meaning states and their residents can't rely on the administration to represent their position, they said.

First, the House GOP bill proposed damaging and long-lasting changes to the overall Medicaid program with deep cuts in federal Medicaid dollars.

Still, the overall Obamacare picture isn't so stark.

Low-income people who bought health plans through an insurance exchange can also get federal subsidies to help with out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has estimated that the average premiums for silver plans sold on the ACA exchanges would increase by about 19 percent to compensate for insurers' lack of funding without the CSR payments.

While the Affordable Care Act has unquestionably helped some people, it has been a dismal failure at reaching its goals.

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