Google I/O 2017: What's next for Google payments?

Google I/O 2017: What's next for Google payments?”

Earlier, if users wanted to call someone, they would not be able to use the names of the contact on the phone, but now, users will be able to pull up those contacts directly through Google Home and call them.

Google Assistant goes to the conquest of the hexagon! By analyzing app behavior, Google is able to identify suspicious software that may have slipped through the net or has been installed from outside of the Pay Store.

With an aim to reach out to "the next billions of users" with a new initiative, Google also unveiled Android Go - a new configuration of Android for entry-level Android devices. Today, Google revealed that now, there are two billion active users on the Android platform per month, doubling the figure Google achieved back in 2014.

AutoVoice is the Chrome extension and Tasker app plugin that can perform various tasks based on voice commands like dialing and receiving calls via Bluetooth headset, playing music etc, suggesting restaurants.

Netflix was actually using a new function that had just been introduced to Google Play Console hours before.

Google has announced its once exclusive to Android personal assistant service Google Assistant is now available to iPhone users. Bluetooth support for Google Home will let you play audio from iOS and Android.

Android O replaces the unusual, irregular emoji that arrived in KitKat, with much more orthodox-looking, circular versions. This feature will also run on company's messaging app "Allo". On Android, you can just launch this app by saying Ok Google which is not present in the iPhones.

A smiling CEO Sundar Pichai announced the milestone to an audience of 7,000 at the company's three-day annual developers' conference that kicked off Wednesday.

Using the Google Payment application program interface (API), customers can now pay for purchases with credit and debit cards saved to their Google Account, which stores all personal information from email addresses and account activity to payment preferences.

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