Google Lens Introduced at Google I/O 2017 with Deep Machine Learning Capabilities

Google Lens Introduced at Google I/O 2017 with Deep Machine Learning Capabilities”

Now Google has tried something like this previously with Android One smartphone, but that was geared towards hardware.

Also announced were several new features to Google Photos.

The announcement comes almost a year after GE Appliances unveiled a similar tie-up with Amazon's Alexa-powered speakers. The company also asked the phone makers to stick to pure Android theme - no users interface modification - and promised fast and prompt updates. "Speakers, toys, drink-mixing robots, whatever insane devices all of you think up", joked Assistant VP of Engineering Scott Huffmann with his audience of developers at the conference Wednesday.

The new API isn't publicly available yet, but Google is already testing it with a few partners.

Pinterest has a similar tool. In the case of machine vision, the company announced its new Google Lens initiative, which aims to help machines understand the world in a way similar to how humans do. The new software is coming with a variety of new features. Now Android Go is the internal name that the company has adopted for Android O. This is clearly mentioned in Google's Android Developer blogpost. But that's where Google wants to jump in with Android Go.

Rebranded as part of Google Play Protect are a number of existing Android security features, chiefly Android Device Manager, now called Find My Device.

Google has now officially added Bluetooth support to their Google Home speakers, allowing for users to connect their phones to the speaker directly for playing music and also taking calls, through any Android or iOS device. Here, you can choose to exclude your app from Google Play Store listings, depending on the device that's trying to view it.

Both assistants can be summoned with a press of a button to answer questions, manage schedules and handle other routine tasks.

Siri, though, might have something to say about that.

Tapping into all the information you share with it, Google Home will now flash when it has an update for you regarding your scheudle.

The push marks another step toward infusing almost all of Google's products with some semblance of artificial intelligence - the concept of writing software that enables computers to gradually learn to think more like humans. The company envisions a world in which incredible photos are no longer left on people's phones because other pressing things in life got in the way.

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