Get Them Now on Android 5.0+

Get Them Now on Android 5.0+”

Although, it is expected that Android Go phones could come some time after final release of the Android O, which is expected to be around October when Google launches new Pixel phones.

According to the company's blog post, Android Go will be a lightweight version of the upcoming Android O and will take up lesser storage space and provide better battery life in lower-end smartphones, reported Your Story.

The new "device catalog" section of the console includes an option called "SafetyNet exclusion", which can be used to prevent "devices that fail integrity tests or those that are uncertified by Google", from downloading a specific app: among these would be rooted devices and those running custom ROMs. Through the Google Assistant, it can identify the type of flower you're looking at or highlight reviews and ratings when you're pointing your phone at a storefront.

Also, with just your voice, you can call "millions of businesses" in the United States and Google, thanks to built-in Google Search on Google Home.

It is not known whether Mr Pichai was challenged over whether Google was planning to tackle concerns about the implications for privacy that could arise as a result of image recognition software.

In the same way that Google had to rethink its computational architecture and build data centers from the ground up to deal with the mobile revolution, the company is now in the midst of re-architecting them for AI and machine learning, Google's CEO said.

As for the payments with Google Assistant, you will soon be able to send money to a friend by just saying "Ok Google". With Find My Device you can secure your device remotely and help someone get in touch. Moreover, Google has also announced a new service called Photo Books that allows users to create incredible books which you can physically send it to any one you like.

The new service is the newest in Google's ongoing effort to improve the Play Store experience. The Assistant's role in these is so users can give vocal commands and questions, such as telling it to preheat the oven, or asking how many cleaning pods are left in the dishwasher.

Instant Apps is a function that Google has been working on for a while.

Some 100 million Android devices now have Assistant on them.

Moreover, Pichai added that they want to solve the skills gap problem by bringing job seekers to companies who are in need of talents to fill the available positions.

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