Destiny 2's PC version will launch after consoles

People seem to love the console games. Two teams of four either attack or defend two bombs. It would keep everything in-game, but allow players to have a level of control over what they are doing. Strikes and Crucible multiplayer are among the original Destiny features that we know are staying around. So there is new tech coming, but I would say that, at the moment, it's not specifically geared toward PC.

A lot of these changes are being made to make Destiny 2 more friendly to newcomers, eschewing some of the more complicated systems of the past for an easier to understand build. The company says this is all about getting Destiny 2 out to the world as quickly as possible. It offers players a way to enjoy Destiny 2 with a game mode that is crafted by one of the best shooter teams in the business. "That's about the translation of communication from other games to a place where you're running around in first person holding a weapon". Nevertheless, Bungie has implemented some changes in the gameplay. The new worlds in the game include Dead Zones from Europe, Nessus, Lo, and Titan.

As we reported on our pages a few hours ago, Destiny 2 will run at 30FPS on all consoles, including PlayStation 4 Pro. Players can expect enhanced graphics and frame rates when they buy this version.

So, what features do you want to see in Destiny 2?

What The Inverted Spire proved is not that Destiny 2 is some radical new monster. These 5 Destiny 2 features could prove worth updating to get your hands on when that release date arrives.

Destiny 2 previewed at Bungie's reveal event. Destiny is designed and intended as a shared world experience, where players join up and battle these aliens or each other all over the Milky Way. The game itself did not have much of a story, until the DLC started adding more of it. Destiny 2 is hoping to right those wrongs.

The biggest criticism of the first game was the lack of any real story. With the Red Legion trapping the power of the traveller, Humanity is once again pushed back into darkness. Early games only let gamers select from a limited pool of skin colors and faces, but as technology improved, so did the character creation tool. The scenes Bungie has shown off so far feel more like a movie than a video game.

In Destiny, you always had to go up into space if you wanted to do anything.

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