FedEx hit by 'WannaCry' ransomware

FedEx hit by 'WannaCry' ransomware”

WannaCry seems to have attacked computers in Russian Federation first, after which the ransomware quickly spread to as much as 150 + countries and affected Microsoft computers.

On top of that, the NSA would likely be able to claim that it is shielded from liability under the doctrine of sovereign immunity, which says that the government can not be sued over carrying out its official duties. What is Ransomware WannaCry malware, Bitcoins? There is also reports of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company (WBSEDC) reporting detection of WannaCry ransomware virus in ten standalone computers.

Globally, the attack appeared to be waning, after infecting more than 200,000 computers in at least 150 countries, many of them still struggling to deal with the problem after being crippled by a ransomware attack that security experts said could be only the tip of the iceberg.

It comes as China prepares to enforce a wide-reaching cyber security law that USA business groups say will threaten the operations of foreign firms in China with strict local data storage laws and stringent surveillance requirements. The vulnerability had been stolen from the NSA and then dumped onto the internet by a hacking group.

Expert and Security agencies are yet to find that who is behind the attack.

In what one of the most significant cyberattacks ever recorded, computer systems from the Russia, Brazil and the USA were hit beginning Friday by malicious software that exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system.

"Using outdated versions of Windows that are no longer supported raises a lot of questions", said Christopher Dore, a lawyer specializing in digital privacy law at Edelson PC.

Patching! That's it. Instead of hitting "ignore, ignore" when a pop-up on your screen asks, "Do you want to install a critical update and reboot?" China's securities regulator also said that it had taken down its network and was installing a patch as a security measure.

The virus targeted computers using Windows XP, as well as Windows 7 and 8, all of which Microsoft stopped servicing years ago.

"There's some truth to the idea that people are always going to hack themselves", said Dan Wire, a spokesman for security firm FireEye.

The attacks came a day after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order calling for improved cybersecurity in the federal government and better cooperation with the private sector.

Businesses and networks across Asia are coping with the first wave of WannaCry during their workweek.

Many anti-virus tools including Microsoft's Windows Defender now recognize and block the ransomware.

New variants of the rapidly replicating worm were discovered Sunday. Fernandes also elaborates on how one can take cognizance of such occurrences saying: "If you receive e-mail that tells you to open links or visit a page and you do not know the user sending you the e-mail then probably you should trash the email as it is one of the safest ways to avoid an attack". "They try to loot the user demanding money in return, to give back their information and data from the computers". It brings us to another important point. They are told that, if they don't pay a specific ransom amount by a given date, all the contents of their computer will be deleted.

An global manhunt was under way for the plotters behind the world's biggest-ever computer ransom assault which has affected more than 150 countries.

Because it's possible for the perpetrators to alter the code to use a different domain, MalwareTech and others warned the ransomware could continue spreading.

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