Waymo, Lyft to team up on self-driving vehicles

Waymo, Lyft to team up on self-driving vehicles”

Alphabet's Waymo and ride hailing app Lyft are among some of the more prominent companies involved in the development of autonomous vehicle technology and this deal will see them working more together.

According to Lyft, the main mission behind the partnership is to improve the manner in which people move in cities and will be using the self-driving technology from Waymo to reach as many people as possible.

"We can confirm that we are partnering with Waymo to safely and responsibly launch self-driving vehicle pilots", Lyft confirmed.

The order filed Monday in a trade secrets theft lawsuit also forces Uber to return all downloaded materials.

The two companies will jointly test autonomous cars on the road, and the development will likely challenge Uber, Lyft's rival and now the world's largest ride-hailing company. General Motors is not anxious about the alliance between Lyft and Alphabet's Waymo and that it would continue to work on different aspect of its business. Uber is also testing autonomous cars there and in other USA cities. While rejecting Uber's bid for arbitration despite its denial of any wrongdoings, the Judge dealing the case recommended for investigations to be robed as a criminal matter.

In April, it was reported that Waymo would be recruiting a number of willing Phoenix residents to test its self-driving technology on public roads.

They are far from alone in this belief: A handful of other companies - Google and Apple included - have delved into the autonomous vehicle space race, one involving cutting-edge research, huge sums of money, futuristic advancements and, as Waymo's lawsuit alleges, no shortage of subterfuge. Lyft, which is privately valued at $7.5 billion, doesn't have the resources to invest in self-driving auto technology.

The judge also ordered Uber to keep Mr Levandowski away from work involving Lidar, a key sensor technology in self-driving cars that is the crux of the current litigation.

The partnership underscored the fluid nature of relationships in the self-driving-car sector; from technology companies to automakers to component manufacturers, dozens of players have been eying a slice of an autonomous vehicle market that many believe will ultimately be a multi-billion-dollar industry.

The two companies have yet to formally announce the deal, so details about how the partnership will work are still a bit unclear, but it's very likely you could get into a pink-mustachioed Googlevan in the near future.

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